Markus Lichte


Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Markus and I'm a freelance designer located in Germany. Although I'm always looking for visual challenge, be they local or international, my core competencies are packaging and print as well as compositing and 3D-visualisation.

The Job

Good design is visual communication. As such its main task is – besides attracting attention – to organize relevant information and to improve their perception by the recipient. Whether timeless, with contemporary influences or a particular style, the task of the designer is to find customer-oriented and product-specific the optimal solution.


Although it may be the fun part, it is not purposeful to kick off with pushing pixels or pulling vectors. To know the client, his brand and his product is an essential part in developing a creative solution.
Ask questions, research, understand the target audience and incorporate the gained insights into the design proposals – this approach is the key to the persuasive, efficient and functional results I strive for.


My passion for polygons and vectors, pixel and points, has always propelled me to develop my skills and to explore new visual playgrounds and current techniques. During my studies of visual communication and after my final degree I gained extensive experience in packaging design and print design. Familiar with my tools, I am nevertheless always excited about challenges, that lead me out of my comfort zone and offer the opportunity to grow along with solving them.

Wish List

I am dedicated to every task I embrace.
But there is a list of projects that would lead to uncontainable elation.

  • branding a fashion label
  • label/packaging for spirits (rum, vodka or the like)
  • craft beer
  • brand a fictional bar/restaurant/product in a movie or game
  • organic foods packaging
  • embroidered patch for a spacesuit


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